Boys Varsity Baseball · Thanksgiving Baseball Prayer: Life & The Game of Baseball

Dear Lord, as I sit here and reflect on Thanksgiving and the game of life it takes me to baseball and how many parallels there are.

I thank you for each pitch you grant me on a daily basis.  These moments (86,400 seconds in a day) in life are all different and all have their own challenges and results.  Some may result in a home run, while others a strikeout and many others fall somewhere in between.  Thank you for the gift of each pitch!  No matter what the result of each pitch may be help me to fully appreciate it and realize that it is an opportunity you have presented to me.

The game of baseball has many people on the field and in the stands.  They are not all wearing the same uniform, cheering for the same team or there for the same purpose, yet they are all gifts from you.  Thank you for all the people who come into my life on a daily basis.  Help me to fully appreciate the unique gifts which each of these people bring into my life and treat them with respect at all times.  Help others to see you through my actions and hear you through my words.

The game of baseball is played in many different weather conditions.  Some games are played in the sunshine, some under cloudy conditions, some cold, some windy, some wet and yet others are played in a combination of a number of these.  Thank you for all of these conditions which we play in.  No matter what the conditions may be for my day help me to appreciate it and make the best of it without complaint, fully understanding that others are dealing with much bigger challenges than me on that day.

Baseball is made up of nine innings, however because of the weather no game is guaranteed to play nine full innings.  In life none of us our guaranteed nine full innings.  Thank you for each inning which you grant me.  Help me to fully appreciate each inning of my life and get better as the game moves on.

In the game of baseball there is a pitcher who controls much of the game.  Some pitches they throw are fastballs right down the middle, some are pitches thrown with pin-point control, and some are those very difficult curve balls.  Thank you for all the pitches which are thrown my way.  Help me to embrace that you are on the mound throwing me pitches throughout the day.  No matter what the result of the pitch may be please help me to handle it with class and make you proud.

Lastly, in the game of baseball there is an umpire.  The umpire keeps the game under control.  He calls pitches balls & strikes, batted balls fair & foul and players safe & out.  We don’t always agree with the calls which the umpire makes throughout the game, yet in the end his call stands.  Help me to fully understand that you are the only umpire in my life whose judgement truly matters.  Others may judge me along the way, yet in the end your call is the only one which counts.  Like the baseball umpire, I may not always agree with your call or your rationale for making that call, yet help me to appreciate that you know what I can handle and that you will be with me through every pitch, of every inning, of every game in life, and you never need instant replay to make the correct call.

Lord, I thank you for all the blessings of life which you have granted to me.


By Jeff Mielcarek

November 27, 2019